Hill Top Tents loathe uniformity.
We are bright, we are bold, and we are beautiful. We never manufacture the same structure twice for our stock. This gives you the client an array of possibilities and combinations unparallelled within the industry.

When you order a white shed, they'll go to their stores and pull out mid-section 27B and 27C. That is the limit of the personalisation.

Order a tent from Hill Top Tents: with over 20 tents, big tops, marquees and Saddlespans that are all different, most manufactured at our workshop at Smuggler's Cove on the Welsh coast. We can cover most events in colour and quirkiness. If you want stripes, we have got stripes (or stars or tree prints or paisley).

Contact us for your stripey spotty leafy leopard print tenting needs.

website: mach2media