Welcome to Hill Top Tents Ltd - your first stop shop for colourful marquees and big top tents.

Whether you're planning a festival, a corporate event or your daughter's wedding, we have a wide range of quality, bespoke, colourful marquees and big top tents to suit your needs!

With over 30 years of expeience in the industry, Hill Top Tents Ltd can provide a wide range of structures in a variety of designs, from 6m rounds to 18x36m big tops.

Our tents are perfect for your venue, be it a bar, stage or workshop. We even have blackout tents available for dance, cinema or theatre.

We have taken traditional big top formats and applied modern computing design technology to produce stunning and contemporary structures.

Our dedicated, professional and friendly crew can install your structures quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our tents are made to the highest standard using steel and weatherproof plastic coated fabric. The tensile cut and curved design provides additional resistance to the elements.



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Contact us here hilltoptents2016@gmail.com for your stripey spotty leafy leopard print tenting needs.

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